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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs On Blog Talk Radio

Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs On Blog Talk Radio

We will be interviewing author Adra Young and Tracie Christian. We will go over their literary works and upcoming "Live Ladies Of Literature" book tour.

Adra Young And Tracie Christian Biographies


Adra Young, a native of Gary, Indiana is not your typical educator. Having a passion for acting, this young lady took her first

shot within that performance arena at her very own Alma matter Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. Moving to

Detroit, to pursue her teaching career, she wasted no time, and also decided to take additional acting classes to perfect her craft.

Taking the classes led her to receiving roles in various commercials, plays, and promotional modeling opportunities within the

Detroit and South-East Region.

Accepting a position as an Acting Coach for a entertainment company in 2003, Ms. Young wrote all of the materials for the

youngsters and In 2005 self published her first acting and socializations skills guide for the youth titled, The Everyday Living of

Children & Teens Monologues. In 2006, she launched and established Ardannyl, an After-School program designed to promote

acting, singing, dancing, creative writing, and art.

Due to her first book receiving positive acknowledgments for addressing the dilemmas that children, tweens, and teens are faced with, her second book, The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Volume II was released in the fall of 2008. Currently Ms. Young along with author Tracie Christian are on a book tour titled, The Live Ladies of Literature Tour. To find out more about this positive and energetic lady’s upcoming literary events and acting seminars, log on to


2005 Nominated for the Black Enterprise Grant Competition

2005 Self published her first book

2006 Outstanding Educators Award

2006 Proud donor of Locks of Love Foundation

2006 Created Ardannyl Performing Arts After School Program

2007 Acknowledge by the Detroit Youth Foundation

2008 Self published second book

2009 Live Ladies of Literature book tour

To Purchase Adra's book "The Everyday Living Of Children or "The Teen Monologues" call her at 313-729-2573 or email her for an autographed copy at

Meet Tracie Christian

Since her start in the writer’s arena in 2000, Tracie has made several strides within the online poetry community. In September 2001, published two of her poems, Partners and Live The Dash in a highly acclaimed and internationally distributed three-album collection, The Sound of Poetry and a hardbound poetic anthology, Under the Quicksilver Moon. Also in 2001, selected Tracie’s poem, Live The Dash as a semi-finalist in their International Open Poetry Contest. In 2002, Tracie was nominated for Poet of the Year. She was also nominated for induction as an International Poet of Merit as well as an honored member of the National Society of Poets.

Tracie has for several years worked as Children’s Fair Coordinator with the hugely successful Detroit Festival of the Arts. She has also worked with other esteemed not-for-profit organizations, Girl Scouts of Metro Detroit and Mosaic Youth Theater. Ms. Christian also spent several years teaching with both Detroit and Hamtramck Public School systems. Truly inspired by working in the non-profit sector, in 2003 Tracie became the Founder and CEO of KTE Foundation for Literary Discovery Incorporated – a 501 c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the concept of Revitalizing Excitement Around Literacy (REAL) for youth throughout the metropolitan Detroit area through innovative and creative workshops/special events celebrating exposure to the Literary and Communication Arts. The acronym KTE stands for Know Trace Entertainment, (a fun play on words using her college radio personality and nickname TRACE and KNOW to express her feeling that “people need to get to know Trace in entertainment). It names what she hopes will become her own literary and communication arts entertainment conglomerate. “I learned through this process that I am much like Debbie Allen says, “When I do dream, I dream big and in color!” That’s how my picture remains clear! I want this company to cater to every age, gender, creed and color of people…specifically my own.”

KTE Foundation produced several literary events in 2004 including, The “Silence the Violence” Youth Poetry Showcase, a afternoon showcase spotlighting four female finalists between the ages of 10 and 17 who wrote beautiful poems pertaining to the theme. The “Project Express Yourself” Youth Poetry Writing Workshop was a free, six-week workshop series for youth 9-17 and A “Cupcake and Cocoa Social” Library Card Drive in 2005. Tracie’s first self-publishing effort resulted in the release of the first full-length book of her fictional trilogy, The Black College Sabbatical – Fall Quarter in December 2007.

Tracie is a proud product of the Detroit Public School system graduating in 1990 from Pershing High School. Central State University in Wilberforce, OH (GO MARAUDERS!) and Wayne State University in Detroit, MI were her destinations of higher education. Currently, Tracie lives with her family in Detroit, MI.

To purchase her Black College Sabbatical series, please call her at 313-828-8208 or email her for an autographed copy at





Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christine Feehan Books

I loved this book. I am currently reading Christine Feehan's "Dark Slayer."

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Monday, October 26, 2009

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Does it Take to Make a Home Based Business Or MLM Successful?

What Does it Take to Make a Home Based Business Or MLM Successful?
By []Desiree Richardson

A home based business is work work work. It is up to you to research and learn about your business. Never join an opportunity if you feel that it is a scam or pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is one where you pay money and don't receive a product or service. Due diligence is required before joining any business opportunity. However, don't criticize a company or home based business based on just opinions that are not based on concrete facts.

Many travel home based businesses will receive criticism due to the large amounts that many have made. However, few have researched and discovered that the travel industry is a billion dollar industry. Few are aware that travel work at home opportunities are receive travel, residual, income and the ability in some cases to actually sell travel. Skepticism should always be followed after a thorough review of trusted sources of information.

Muliti-level Marketing businesses also receive a lot of bad press. Many individuals have not taken the time to learn what a true multi-level marketing business offers their members. I always like to find a tangible product or service that is being promoted. People should be concerned if they are confused about what they are promoting and can't get any answers from their upline or sponsors.

Financially sound businesses involve frequent work to promote and gain credibility. Many successful opportunities are due to the hard work that members put into branding and also networking. True marketers know the value of learning about their business and being able to teach their down line how to be successful. A successful business will not be here today and gone tomorrow. Hard work pays off and the business gains members,financial success, and longevity.

Desiree Richardson, of Rich and Rich Home Opportunities has helped people on several social networks to advertise their businesses. She works to network and get people working together to promote their business.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Share The Bar

Share The Bar
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