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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christine Feehan Books

I loved this book. I am currently reading Christine Feehan's "Dark Slayer."

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Monday, October 26, 2009

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Does it Take to Make a Home Based Business Or MLM Successful?

What Does it Take to Make a Home Based Business Or MLM Successful?
By []Desiree Richardson

A home based business is work work work. It is up to you to research and learn about your business. Never join an opportunity if you feel that it is a scam or pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is one where you pay money and don't receive a product or service. Due diligence is required before joining any business opportunity. However, don't criticize a company or home based business based on just opinions that are not based on concrete facts.

Many travel home based businesses will receive criticism due to the large amounts that many have made. However, few have researched and discovered that the travel industry is a billion dollar industry. Few are aware that travel work at home opportunities are receive travel, residual, income and the ability in some cases to actually sell travel. Skepticism should always be followed after a thorough review of trusted sources of information.

Muliti-level Marketing businesses also receive a lot of bad press. Many individuals have not taken the time to learn what a true multi-level marketing business offers their members. I always like to find a tangible product or service that is being promoted. People should be concerned if they are confused about what they are promoting and can't get any answers from their upline or sponsors.

Financially sound businesses involve frequent work to promote and gain credibility. Many successful opportunities are due to the hard work that members put into branding and also networking. True marketers know the value of learning about their business and being able to teach their down line how to be successful. A successful business will not be here today and gone tomorrow. Hard work pays off and the business gains members,financial success, and longevity.

Desiree Richardson, of Rich and Rich Home Opportunities has helped people on several social networks to advertise their businesses. She works to network and get people working together to promote their business.

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